Black Book
Michelle Van Tulder


Michelle has repeatedly broken property sales records with her own portfolio and brings this experience to help her clients maximise their sales values via her Black Book Services.  

Michelle can help stage properties.  She has a keen eye for detail and understands how to help buyers see themselves in properties.  

There is an art to making homes feel warm and personal, yet appeal to a wider audience than the current owners.  

With over 25 years of marketing her own homes and a list of trades and suppliers, Michelle can efficiently and cost effectively make a home more appealing, maximising its chance of a timely sale.  

Michelle can provide clients with as much or as little help as they need.  She is flexible, either managing the jobs herself or pointing clients  in the right direction, saving them time and money.  

Michelle charges hourly, half day, full day or completed project rates , based on clients needs.